About Bevilacqua Pizzinato

Bevilacqua Pizzinato is the place where art and craftmanship meet, where fashion joins one of the oldest Venetian activities and its products, where the latest trends can mix with ancient patterns. This is, indeed, what the collaboration between the Chiara Pizzinato Atelier and Tessiture Luigi Bevilacqua has led to, the former being the outcome of Chiara Pizzinato’s love for fabrics and fashion, and the latter being one of Venice’s oldest weaving factories.

The bags and garments produced by Bevilacqua Pizzinato are all handmade: from the fabric to the piece of clothing, each of the production stages is carried out by hand. First of all, velvets, brocades, damasks, satins and lampasses are made using the methods and some of the original wooden looms from the 18th century.

The punch cards used in the handlooms can give rise to patterns of any kinds, and their small holes keep magic tales of beauty as secrets hidden in the wave. Thanks to them our precious past can be renewed in present days, allowing us to look beyond, toward new horizons.

The door to these new horizons is opened up by dresses and accesories designed by Chiara Pizzinato, which are absolutely original: drawing her inspiration from nature, Chiara Pizzinato manages to bring into being garments which are accurately studied. The choice of colours, patterns and fabrics, the proportions and forms merge into a product which is both versatile, refined and unique, thus turning ancient patterns into a modern and elegant garment.